Testing Completed

Hey Family and Friends,

Thanks so much for all of your prayers, love, and support. Gabrielle and I came home today in the middle of the afternoon. The video EEG, PET scan, and, MRI have all been completed. The doctors are optimistic at this point that she is a surgical candidate and they will meet to discuss her case in depth in the coming days. This is certainly an answer to our prayers!!! If there is consensus among the doctors regarding her candidacy for surgery then plans will be put in place to schedule her surgery as soon as possible. We have decided against getting a second opinion because her seizures have worsened significantly over the past week and there isn’t time. She had 46 seizures over a 48 hour period in the hospital. The medications are having very little effect and we are basically going to keep her extremely sedated over the next few days to try to keep her from having so many seizures which can be damaging to the good parts of her brain. We will keep you posted as we learn more from the doctors about the surgical process.

Thank you in advance for your continued prayers. It helps so much knowing you are all pulling and praying for our little girl!!!


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