In God’s hands

Hey All,

Gabrielle is at a therapeutic dosage of Lamictal now and her Trileptal levels should be in the middle to high range. She continues to have daily seizures. Over the last week the seizures are occurring mostly at night. She is awakened throughout the night by the abnormal electrical activity and still looks exhausted in the morning. She takes her medication and goes back to sleep a short time later. By the middle of the afternoon she seems pretty happy and has still been walking around.

Tomorrow we have an appointment with Gabrielle’s neurosurgeon at Duke to discuss her case. We are wondering whether to proceed with more surgery at this point. We are looking for guidance about how aggressive to be this time. How many seizures warrant more surgery? How much brain do you sacrifice to attempt to stop the seizures? What happens if the other hemisphere has subtle abnormalities not appearing on MRI?

All of this would be almost paralyzing in the absence of God. There are so many unknowns. If this were all happening in my days of atheism I would have certainly had a nervous breakdown by now. How glad I am that I serve a great and mighty God who knows every hair on our heads and each tear that falls. How comforting it is to know that all of this is happening for a reason and according to His plan. I pray that God directs our steps according to His will. I pray that He would make it very clear how we should proceed and that there will be no uncertainty. I pray that we will completely trust His way because He is so much greater than us.

I’ll update again soon!


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