We’re Home from NYU

We arrived home yesterday after a whirlwind trip to NY. Despite arriving at RDU with expired driver’s licenses (that’s right, both Duff and myself) and arriving at the wrong Club Quarters Hotel (after an $80.00 ride from the airport) things went surprisingly well!

We met with Dr. Weiner for 1 1/2 hours. His office was filled with pictures, letters, and poems from so many children who have had life changing surgeries. Dr. Weiner said his career is very stressful but the children keep him going and make it worth it. We were very impressed with Dr. Weiner. He has a very logical and scientific approach. He conducts very thorough testing to determine if a patient is a candidate and also to gain as much data as possible before surgery. He called his friend Dr. Devinsky, a neurologist, to see if he could fit us in before we flew back. He was able to see us a half-hour later.

Both Dr. Devinsky and Dr. Weiner agree we need to move forward with testing to determine Gabrielle’s candidacy for surgery. Dr. Devinsky recommended we have testing completed at the facility in which we plan to have surgery. We decided to cancel all testing at Duke and to reschedule it at NYU. After spending all of yesterday afternoon on the phone with BCBS, Duke, and NYU I think things are falling into place. I will say I am beginning to hate insurance companies. Nothing is straightforward when you are dealing with BCBS. I am beginning to understand why so many doctors no longer participate with them. Anyway, Gabrielle is scheduled to be admitted on Monday to NYU. The doctors are eager to collect some of their own data so they can present Gabrielle at the next neuroconference and discuss her case.

At this point we are planning to all drive up to my parents house in CT. We are not sure of all the details but Duff is planning to stay there with the kids while I’m in the hospital with Gabby. We will keep you posted as the plan unfolds.

Please continue to pray that we would remain joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer as Romans 12:12 states. I am continually amazed at how this trial has already changed and shaped us.

A special thanks to Robin for being brave enough to watch 7 kids by herself so we could go to NY. As she promised, she took “very good care of our babies”!


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated. We have Gabrielle’s picture on our fridge to help us remember to pray for her and you all.

    Hugs from the Talbott’s!

  2. I’m thankful that even though God allows such things, He pours out His grace and mercy to sustain His beloved. The doctors, the family, the friends, the work; the joy, hope, patience, faith – all of them gifts from the Father of Lights.

    May we all be as faithful under our own trials.

    With Love,

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