Gabrielle is Asleep

Just a quick update to let you know Gabrielle is asleep and the PICC line is currently being placed. She was a very happy girl this morning and had fun playing in the children’s play room in the admitting area. The picture above was taken this morning in the waiting area. She grew a little fussy just as we headed downstairs for her first procedure. I think she was growing hungry and thirsty. So far things are going well.

I will update more later. NYU has free WIFI in all waiting areas.:)


  1. The Prados says:

    Hey O’Melias,
    We love you guys and we miss you. We are praying with you that this surgery will be a complete success. We lift you and your desires up to the Father and ask him to heal this precious child of these seizures forever. Lord Jesus, amaze us with your mighty power and may this family be a light that shines your name.

  2. Steve Sussmann says:

    Nancy and I said a special prayer for you all this morning. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    All our love,
    Steve & Nancy

  3. Praying for your day today! Thanks for all the updates.

  4. Karen Shinn says:

    I am just one among the many who are praying! It is an honor to be lifting Gabrielle, your family, doctors, all involved, in prayer.

  5. Hey Kelly! Wow! I was thinking about you all this morning! I am glad things are going well! God is Good!! Sending Hugs!!

  6. The Furrs says:

    prayers and love…
    The Furrs

  7. Margaret says:

    We’re sending all of our love over to you guys!

    Margaret and Graham

  8. Thinking of you all…every second!!!!

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