Happy 3rd Birthday

Gabby at hotel pool in NJIMG_1940Yummy, ice cream cake!Sisters

Today is Gabrielle’s 3rd Birthday and we really do have a lot to celebrate!

Gabrielle is walking.

Gabrielle is talking.

Gabrielle is understanding.

Gabrielle is climbing out of bed when she should be sleeping.

Gabrielle is throwing tantrums.

Gabrielle can hum “Jesus Loves Me”.

Gabrielle can point to all her body parts.

Gabrielle enjoys watching Elmo and Abby.

Gabrielle can dance.

Gabrielle can feed herself most foods.

Gabrielle hasn’t had a seizure since surgery.

Gabby had a very happy third birthday. The thing she enjoyed most was having Happy Birthday sung to her by her family. She has watched the following video repeatedly and she stands in front of the computer watching it and singing along.



  1. Happy Birthday you beautiful child ! We celebrate tonight with you and your family.

    Our Best,

    Cris and Kristi Hall

  2. Bonnie Dougherty says:

    A very happy birthday to you, Gabby!

  3. Brenda and Frank Bruni says:

    A big kiss for you Gabby ! Happy 3rd Birthday. We are so glad to see that beautiful smile.

  4. Robin Prado says:

    Yay and praise the Lord for his gift of Gabby! We are so happy for Gabby and all of you. What a blessing she is! Have an amazing time celebrating a most important birthday. We love you all.

  5. We were wondering how that beautiful enjoyed her day. Thank you for the updates! Julie

  6. Liza in NC says:

    So sweet! Praising God with you for bringing Gabby this far!

  7. Happy birthday to us, Gabrielle, we share a birthday!! We are praying you have a delightful and blessed seizure free year and life!

  8. Laura Williams says:

    Praising God with you. What a blessing to see her smiling and enjoying her family. Thanks for sharing bits and pieces with us. Your journey has certainly showed us God’s mighty hand in our lives.

  9. Stephanie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love you! You are a blessing to everyone who knows you or sees that wonderful smile! Love – Auntie, Allen & Jack Thompson

  10. Happy Birthday! It is so good to see Gabby smiling and celebrating this wonderful day! What a blessing! Love to you all!

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