Homeschooling my Gabby was not an easy decision, nor one I took lightly.

I have no special training.  I did not feel equipped.

Singing Along

I worried she might have learning disabilities.  I was concerned I’d limit her potential.

I feared I wouldn’t push her hard enough.

I feared that I would foster dependency.

I feared it would be too hard.

I feared frustration.

Letter Cluster Phonics Song


Letter Cluster Phonics Song

Ultimately, I feared failure.

I feared her failure as a student and my failure as her teacher.


So why then did I keep this child at home with me?


Because I realized (with the help of my hubby) that I could search endlessly all over the world, but never would I find a teacher more invested in this child’s well-being than myself.


Of course this doesn’t mean the going is always easy.  It can get pretty insane around here most of the time.

The girl has a stubborn streak and a list of excuses a mile long.


She’s easily distracted, gets bored quickly, and shuts down when things grow too difficult.


I can tell you with great certainty that God is using this experience to strengthen my character.

In fact, I recently began testing out a new theory of mine- God gives more children to those who need extra character building.

I’ll keep you posted.  Let you know if I find a correlation. ;)


Oh how easy it is to be the loving, encouraging, fun, understanding, and compassionate teacher when everything is moving right along and going my way.

When children take turns needing extra help, focus diligently on their work, and kindly interact with one other; I can almost see my family pictured on the front cover of a homeschool magazine beneath the headline- ‘Mother of the Year’.

Almost. ;)

Then it all comes undone.

The chocolate milk goes flying off the table, two siblings are having an altercation in the other room, my ‘potty-trained’ toddler is pooping behind the loveseat in his underwear, my four-year-old can’t find her markers, my teenager wants to know if I’ll ever correct her assignments, and Gabby is attempting to spell the word ‘spear’ for the fourth time.

There isn’t enough Calgon in the entire world for this, folks.

I become the ugly monster that’s frustrated and unkind.  I’m suddenly impatient and aggravated with the same little girl I claimed to love to the moon and back.

Proverbs 16:18 coincidentally enters my brain…

“Pride goes before destruction,
And a haughty spirit before a fall.”

I have been knocked down yet again.
I question everything.
I want to give up.
I want to give in.
I have not the patience and love that this homeschooling thing requires.

I’m reminded that I must rely upon Him moment by moment,
trusting that He will equip and supply all that I need to teach and train these little minds.
I continue to persevere.  It’s really not easy.  I like our days off from school a lot.

He reminds me that nothing worthwhile is achieved without hard work, sacrifice, struggles
, and a few gray hairs. ;)

Then He blesses me with glimpses of progress that blow my socks off.
And suddenly all of the ‘hard’ has been worth it.

She’s learning her Letter Cluster Phonics Song with a smile:


She’s successfully recalling all of the phonics sounds she recently learned by plucking a duck one-by-one from the pond.


Duck Pond Game



She’s playing ‘Go Pick-A-Sound from the Merry-Go-Round’…


Letter Cluster Game


She’s completing lists of 40-50 words that she needs to read, write, and spell.


Fine Motor


She enjoys listening to the soundtrack from ‘Tangled’  while she does her copy work.  Makes everything better apparently.


Words, words, words




She’s spelling 5-letter words and adding them to her ‘word wall’ with a smile on her face.


Word Wall

Word Wall

Gabby's Word Wall


We add illustrations when the going gets unusually tough…


Getting Creative



She’s reading lots of books and doesn’t have to sound out each and every word anymore! :)





She’s an official itty-bitty-book-light-carrying member of the O’Melia family.  This is a privilege reserved for ‘readers only’.


Itty Bitty Booklight


Oh boy, is she ever proud!

What a living, breathing miracle she is!

I pray she always sees herself as the happy, beautiful, kind, encouraging, smart, and funny girl that God created her to be.





  1. Hello!

    Been following your faith and family for a year. We just survived a year of seizures and then surgery now right months out.

    It happened to our fifth child, like you.

    I love Jesus and came to a real faith due to my daughter, like you.

    Through her I have had to really heed the tug on my heart to homeschool. It was a seed planted four years ago with baby number 4; yet with our surgery etc it is now clear to me I have to try it.

    So, your family and story have inspired me and Moved me to believe I can.

    I would love to connect on a faith and hs and mother level…not just seizires, if that makes sense.

    I hope to hear from you-thank you!

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