Gabby Turns 8!

Frozen Cake

She wanted “Frozen” and she wanted to be surprised.

She wanted an ice-cream cake with “Anna” and “Elsa” on top.

She wanted lots of beautifully wrapped presents.

She wanted to play games like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”.

I love a girl who knows what she wants!

Except when her real birthday passes without adequate recognition, and she’s more than a little bummed.

It was hard on this mama to wait-it-out without the slightest suggestion that there might be something more to come.

So I reminded her that we would eventually celebrate. ;)

Saturday arrived and we were prepared to move into action.

Duff left first thing with the unsuspecting birthday girl.

They ate breakfast at the donut ship and visited the library for story time.

They stopped in at PetSmart to visit the “cutie patooties” (aka mice).


Daddy and Gab


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the rest of us turned ordinary into a ‘Frozen’ zone.


Centerpiece 1


We put Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, on plenty of ice.


Elsa and Anna on Ice


We prepped food and snacks.




We hung streamers and balloons.




We hid and waited for our little lady of the hour to make an appearance.

Gabrielle’s 8th Birthday Surprise! from Kelly OMelia on Vimeo.

I think we were successful in pulling off the surprise!

Mommy and Gabby


Now to let the fun and games begin!

The Not-So-Crazy Lot


And the CRAZY!


The Crazy Lot


Elsa is her favorite…


Gab and Elsa


Aside from her best friend Makinley, of course!



We kicked things off with a 12 step ‘Frozen’ scavenger hunt.

I printed up the clues from here.


Clue 1


She read each clue…




Followed by more detailed instructions on the back.


Clue 1A


Each card, led her to a wrapped gift,

Bike in the Hall


which she eagerly tore open.




The whole crew was curious to watch the unveiling.


The Gang


This was followed by some “Pin the Nose on Olaf” fun!

Blindfold 3


She was actually pretty good at it,


Blindfolded 1

Blindfold 2


and surprised herself with easy success!


Pin the Nose on Olaf


The scavenger hunt continued.


Clue 3 Scavenger Hunt


It was awesome to watch her reading the clues,


Scavenger Hunt Clue


and figuring out the directions.


Clue 3


This was probably her favorite prezzie…


Anna and Kristoff


Though it’s difficult to compete with a ‘Frozen’ manicure…


Big Sister Prezzie


and pink sunglasses from big sis. :)


Glamour Girl


We finished up with the ice-cream cake, she essentially hand-picked herself, several months back, at Dairy Queen.

She requested the traditional ‘Happy Birthday Song’ when given opera and rock alternatives by her older siblings.

I think she was pretty pleased with her choices,

don’t you?

Happy 8th Birthday, Gabby!! from Kelly OMelia on Vimeo.

Happy 8th Birthday, Gabrielle Faith!!

You are an absolute blessing!


  1. Betsy Murphy says:

    I love this post! Thank you for posting so many details about this special day! Happy Birthday Gabby!! I love you!!

  2. What a wonderful o’Melia bunch! That’s what love is all about….many more happy years in the family circle, Gabi!

  3. Michelle Warren says:

    She is beautiful. She has really grown and I am so happy for her progress. You are doing a great job.

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